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Who will win the 2020 UC election?

We ran the numbers. Here’s what we found.

Q's about the Q guide

How effective is the Q Guide? And what can it tell us about the STEM-Humanities divide?

COVID-19 tops student voting issues, and Biden heavily favored

With less than an hour until the first results of the election come in, HODP is providing a snapshot of how Harvard students feel about the candidates, issues, and the state of the race.

HODP Election Models: Lots of uncertainty, likely a Biden win

Both HODP models predict a Biden win. But there's a lot of uncertainty in swing states: consistent state polling errors could tip the electoral college to Trump, as they did in 2016, and even with a Biden win, margins could be razor thin.

COVID-19 mapped across the US
COVID-19 Dashboard

Interactive visualizations of the pandemic.

Open Data on Open Learning

Business and management courses top the list.

What will Harvard students do this Fall?

Responses to the Fall 2020 policy and plans for the uncertain future.

Predicting the 2020 Straus Cup Champion

Sans pandemic, who would have claimed the trophy?

Harvard in the Age of COVID-19

Three surveys, one very unusual semester.


We built a a student-driven wiki with information about Harvard’s student organizations, dining halls, and campus life. It's a living document — anyone with a @college email address can register to contribute!

COVID-19 Dashboard
COVID-19 Dashboard

Kevin, our tech director, built an interactive dashboard to visualize the spread of COVID-19.

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