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Faculty Political Donations in the 2020 Election

Did Harvard monetarily favor Biden or Trump in the 2020 election, and who was favored for primaries? At what school were faculty most politically active?

Harvard Divided: How do opinions on hot topics differ by class, concentration?

We polled undergraduates on a variety of campus issues, like the creation of an ethnic studies department and a cultural center.

How well do Google Trends track with COVID-19 data?

Is there a correlation between Google Trends data and increases in COVID-19 cases? A high correlation may suggest that Google data could be used to predict coronavirus spikes before they actually occur.

What will Harvard students do next Spring?

Harvard’s plan for the Spring 2021 semester is finally out. Here’s what your peers are planning on doing.

Who will win the 2020 UC election?

We ran the numbers. Here’s what we found.

Q's about the Q guide

How effective is the Q Guide? And what can it tell us about the STEM-Humanities divide?

COVID-19 tops student voting issues, and Biden heavily favored

With less than an hour until the first results of the election come in, HODP is providing a snapshot of how Harvard students feel about the candidates, issues, and the state of the race.

HODP Election Models: Lots of uncertainty, likely a Biden win

Both HODP models predict a Biden win. But there's a lot of uncertainty in swing states: consistent state polling errors could tip the electoral college to Trump, as they did in 2016, and even with a Biden win, margins could be razor thin.

COVID-19 mapped across the US
COVID-19 Dashboard

Interactive visualizations of the pandemic.

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Learn about something random from our student-run wiki about Harvard!

Learn Data Science

HODP Docs is our latest initiative: an open-source curriculum on data science, web development, and interactive journalism.

About HODP

Founded in 2016, HODP has grown from a small team of data enthusiasts to a group of 50+ dedicated members investigating data on a variety of issues on campus. We’re committed to giving individuals the freedom to explore and providing them the support to do so.

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We welcome anyone who's curious about how Harvard works. Never coded before? Come talk to us — several of our board members learned to code while joining HODP. If you'd like to learn more, fill out our Spring 2021 interest form.

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