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One Year In: Zoom x Harvard

Over a year since the start of the pandemic, students reflect on their Spring 2021 experiences and life satisfaction: wellness days, mental health, plans for Fall 2021, and more.

A green-tinted aeriel view of the upperclassman Houses at Harvard.
How Energy Efficient are Harvard Houses?

As Harvard executes its sustainability plan, housing renovations may actually increase energy usage inefficiencies.

Harvard’s Endowment: Is it as high-performing as we think?

How does Harvard's endowment performance compare to other schools?

Go HAM on Art: A Look at Cultural Representation in the Harvard Art Museums

How culturally diverse is the Harvard Art Museums' collection?

College COVID-19 Reopening Plans

A data-driven look at college plans in Fall 2020.

Who Gets Mentioned in The Crimson?

The demographics of the most discussed Harvard students, as revealed by Crimson mentions.

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Harvard Square: Before and After

An illustrative timeline of business closures throughout Harvard Square from 2018 to 2021.

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Learn about something random from our student-run wiki about Harvard!

Learn Data Science

HODP Docs is our latest initiative: an open-source curriculum on data science, web development, and interactive journalism.

About HODP

Founded in 2016, HODP has grown from a small team of data enthusiasts to a group of 50+ dedicated members investigating data on a variety of issues on campus. We’re committed to giving individuals the freedom to explore and providing them the support to do so.

How to join

We welcome anyone who's curious about how Harvard works. Never coded before? Come talk to us — several of our board members learned to code while joining HODP. If you'd like to learn more, fill out our Fall 2021 interest form.

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