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Diversity in Hum 10’s Syllabus Selections

Unveiling patterns in Hum 10's reading list: examining gender, nationality, and chronological trends.

Have Gym Habits Died After COVID?

How have gym-going habits changed at Harvard after the COVID-19 pandemic?

What Makes a Good Housing Day Video?

How have the popularity, length, and genre of Housing Day videos changed over time?

How Do Harvard Faculty Donate During Midterms?

What are faculty members' donation habits? What causes do they care about most?

Is There a Gender Bias in QReports Ratings?

Looking at the relationship between lecturer ratings and gender.

Malkin Athletic Center
How Busy is the MAC?

An investigation into usage trends of Harvard's Malkin Athletic Center.

Which Concentration’s On Top?

Which concentrations draw crowds? Which ones are students most loyal to?

MBTA Showdown: Best College MBTA Station

Analyzing ridership across the Boston college T stations!

Harvard-Area Restaurants: A Yelp-Based Analysis

An investigation of key factors for dining out in Boston via publicly available Yelp review data.

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Harvard Square: Before and After

An illustrative timeline of business closures throughout Harvard Square from 2018 to 2021.

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HODP Docs is our latest initiative: an open-source curriculum on data science, web development, and interactive journalism.

About HODP

Founded in 2016, HODP has grown from a small team of data enthusiasts to a group of 50+ dedicated members investigating data on a variety of issues on campus. We’re committed to giving individuals the freedom to explore and providing them the support to do so.

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We welcome anyone who's curious about how Harvard works. Never coded before? Come talk to us — several of our board members learned to code while joining HODP. If you'd like to learn more, fill out our Spring 23 interest form.

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