Recent projects

MBTA Showdown: Best College MBTA Station

Analyzing ridership across the Boston college T stations!

Harvard-Area Restaurants: A Yelp-Based Analysis

An investigation of key factors for dining out in Boston via publicly available Yelp review data.

Harvard's freshman dining hall, Annenberg, crowded with students
Let’s Go Grab a Meal Together! But Where?

Harvard has a multitude of dining halls and options. But where and when are students eating?

Course Enrollment Trends at Harvard

How have enrollments in Harvard's most popular concentrations changed over time?

How 2 BlueBike: Who Uses Those Anyway?

Which BlueBike stations are most likely to have available bikes? What times of day have the worst BlueBike traffic? How long does the average biker ride?

Passion or Profit: The Harvard Experience’s Impact on Student Interests

How does Harvard affect what vocations and extracurriculars students choose to pursue?

Diversity at Harvard: Tenured vs. Tenure Track Faculty

Analyzing changes in faculty diversity across different departments from 2011 to 2021.

A Data-driven Way to Find Your Perfect Research Opportunity on Campus

How does one navigate on-campus resources to find research opportunities at Harvard? How has COVID affected this dynamic?

Analyzing HUDS Text Message Feedback

What do Harvard students think about HUDS, and has the recent Covid-19 Pandemic affected their thoughts about the dining service in any way?


We built a a student-driven wiki with information about Harvard’s student organizations, dining halls, and campus life. It's a living document — anyone with a @college email address can register to contribute!

COVID-19 Dashboard
COVID-19 Dashboard

Kevin, our tech director, built an interactive dashboard to visualize the spread of COVID-19.

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