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Do Police Protests Work?
Do Police Protests Work?

A data-driven analysis of police violence and activism

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HODP x OCS Career Fairs: Fun for Freshmen or Solely Seniors?

Opportunities abound, but graduation year is a gatekeeper.

Of Varying Value: Harvard’s Tuition over Time

Tuition is what the Harvard thinks its education is worth: the students have to decide whether or not they agree.

Quantitative Analysis of Harvard’s COVID-19 Response

How does Harvard's response track with the evolution of the global pandemic?

Opportunity at Harvard

How do Harvard's economic opportunities stack up against other schools?


We built a a student-driven wiki with information about Harvard’s student organizations, dining halls, and campus life. It's a living document — anyone with a @college email address can register to contribute!

COVID-19 Dashboard
COVID-19 Dashboard

Kevin, our tech director, built an interactive dashboard to visualize the spread of COVID-19.

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