Past projects

Quantitative Analysis of Harvard’s COVID-19 Response

How does Harvard's response track with the evolution of the global pandemic?

Opportunity at Harvard

How do Harvard's economic opportunities stack up against other schools?

Scraping Plates and Scraping Data: Exploring Dining Hall Habits via Mange

Does your dhall always seem packed? Or deserted? Check out the busiest and chillest mealtimes by house.

Measuring Gratitude in Harvard’s Dining Halls

Ordered from the grill recently? Did you say thank you?

What affects UC voter turnout at Harvard?

Why is voter turnout so low in elections for the UC? In recent years, how have electoral reforms, such as the recent shift in voting system, to the UC legislative process influenced number of candidates or voter turnout?

How Safe Are You At Harvard?

Analyzing types and frequency of crimes on Harvard's campus


We built a a student-driven wiki with information about Harvard’s student organizations, dining halls, and campus life. It's a living document — anyone with a @college email address can register to contribute!

COVID-19 Dashboard
COVID-19 Dashboard

Kevin, our tech director, built an interactive dashboard to visualize the spread of COVID-19.

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