Emma Ling

Board Emeritus

Computer Science and Sociology, Lowell 2020

I lived in Lowell studied computer science and sociology. When I'm not hacking on Harvard datasets, I love going on adventures in the great outdoors.

Latest Work

Blog posts

A member of the class of 2021 begins his freshman year (The Harvard Gazette)
How Do Harvard Students Feel About Their Housing?

As the summer draws to a close, college students across the country pack up their things and depart for their new homes. At Harvard, the class of 2021 has moved into their residential houses for the first time.

Professor Paul Doty lectures in Harvard’s Conant Laboratory in the 1960s. Courtesy of Harvard Library.
Gender Disparity in Harvard Faculty

Using data to unearth the pervasive gender imbalance within Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

From Ec to Tech: How Harvard students are changing concentrations

And what this means for Harvard’s liberal arts education.

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