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We're a student-faculty group that aims to increase transparency and solve problems on campus using public Harvard data.

Our flagship product is Harvard’s first open data catalog, where we’ve gathered dozens of public Harvard datasets in a free repository. We’ve used data science and data visualization techniques to analyze data on campus safety, faculty gender disparity, student government election turnout, and trends in concentration popularity, to name a few.

HODP’s community includes over 100 undergraduates as well as several Harvard faculty: Nick Sinai, the former deputy CTO of the US and current HKS professor; Jim Waldo, the former Harvard CTO; and others.

Our work

Data Catalog

A searchable repository of public university datasets, the first of its kind at Harvard.


Written and interactive analyses covering everything from student life surveys to FEC documents.

Nonprofit Partnerships

Data-driven initiatives with organizations like Y2Y Harvard Square, Data 4 Black Lives, and others.

Survey Group

Our community of over 1000 survey-takers who help us gauge where the student body stands on university policies, politics, and more.


A centralized repository of information about Harvard: student organizations, dining hall dishes, professors, and more.


An open curriculum of data science, web development, and writing guides created by HODP members.

Predictions Game

A probabilistic betting game where students can compete for spots on the leaderboard.


An event held each semester for students to hack on projects, attend workshops, and eat lots and lots of Kong.

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