HODP Datathon Infographic, April 1st 2023

Datathon 2023

Do YOU love data? Do YOU love free food and free merch? Come to Harvard Hall 202 on April 1 for the annual HODP Datathon: April Fool's Edition! Join us for data challenges, workshops, puzzles, and much much more!

Events will kick off at 8AM and run until 10PM. See the schedule here!

Data Challenge

Compete in teams to analyze and answer dataset-related questions and win PRIZES! Sign up together or let us find you a team.


Participate in our signature HODP Estimathon, a unique and fun challenge where you can compete in teams to estimate statistics and win HODP merch and prizes!


Wanna see how your typing speed stacks up against your friends? No prior experience required – we'll host various workshops on Python, data visualization, and more. 

Puzzle Hunt

Compete to solve puzzles in a fun team format for a chance to win fun prizes from our sponsors! Sign up with your data challenge team, or let us match you.

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