Leo Saenger

Board Emeritus

Applied Math, Kirkland 2022

I grew up in Eugene, Oregon where I developed a love for distance running and the rain. I’m particularly interested in the economics of cities, how markets shape them, and “order without design”. I’m passionate about hole-in-the-wall eats, fermentation/homebrew, and discovering new restaurants (I was the Food Literacy Project fellow for Kirkland House) – talk to me about the best places to eat in Cambridge!

Latest Work

Blog posts

POLL: Harvard students sharply divided on Crimson-ICE controversy

Where Harvard students stand on the conflict between the Harvard Crimson and ICE

The Clubhouse of the Fly, an unrecognized student organization at Harvard (The Crimson)
How wealthy are Harvard student clubs?

Examining the public finances of student clubs paints a picture of institutional wealth.

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